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The Perks of Working with Independent Designers for your Wedding

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In the midst of this busy wedding season I thought I’d share a few reasons why working with an independent designer may be one of the best choices you can make while planning your wedding…


4. Where do you start?

Not sure where to start? We designers can guide you through the wondrous world of wedding design. Filling you in on what pieces are usually included in an invitation set, what sizes they typically are, and what information to include on each piece. Not that you have to stick to what the standard, but it’s a good starting point.

3. We work hard.

Colors, fonts, content….I don’t mind customizing your paper goods, personally I love it! You care about the details — even the ones you probably shouldn’t care so much about. It’s a one-time thing, and you want it to be perfect. So do I! That’s why I sit down with you and talk about exactly what you’re looking for.

You want to create an invitation with colors to match the exact color of those beautiful orchids in your bouquet — I can do that. You want a custom logo or monogram to use on all your wedding stationery pieces — you’ve got it!

Every wedding invitation is custom designed to fit each bride and groom’s style. I work super hard to keep things unique and a little bit different.

2. Less stressful.

Officially lost when it comes to etiquette? Mailing times? Who to send what, where and when? We designers are a fantastic resource and can help take the stress out of the process for you with all the timely tips and advice you may need.

1. You always get ME!

Yes, I am just one person. (and my fiancé occasionally, who helps me with assembly and packaging) And yes, you may have to wait a day for my response to an email or for a digital proof, but the wait is worth it!

I’m here to get to know you, to care about what matters to you, and to give you an experience that helps to relieve your stress.

So there you have it. Four great reasons to consider independent designers when planning your wedding (or any other big event)!

Welcome to A.Marie Creative

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So I finally (and I say finally because this have been a long time coming) got around to creating my own brand and launched the official A.Marie Creative website. I could not be more excited! It's still very much a work in progress but I'm diving in head first.

Over the past 5+ years I've been freelancing for a number of different people designing everything from wedding stationery, baby shower invitations, to custom branding, brochures, flyers, websites....you name it. I'm focusing my design work toward wedding stationery and small business branding but I love to design just about anything. 

Now I'll admit, I'm not much of writer so I'm hoping this blog will help me break out of that shell and really help me share with you what's inspiring to me!

Oh hey, if you're looking to see some of the work I've done prior to my freelance days take a look here!